We help hotels to get more direct reservations with these services

Meta search marketing

We connect you to all major metasearch channels including Google Hotels, Trivago, and Kayak. We also help with campaign management. After each month you will get a report from us of the results and the actions done.

Hotel SEM

If you want to have a quick start for your campaign without needing to connect your booking engine to Google, you always have the opportunity to advertise in traditional Google Ads. We have many years experience of running successful Google Ads campaigns. You can be sure that your marketing budget is the most impactful way.

This is how we work:

We analyze the current site and see if there is a need to make updates before starting the advertising campaign. Remember that your website is the engine for your all marketing online, if it’s not working properly, spending money on advertising is not recommendable.

We decide together the goals we want to achieve with the campaign.

We complete careful keyword research to determine the recommended media budget.

We create the campaigns in Google Ads.

We update and monitor the campaigns ongoing.

We report the results, actions, and progression every month.

Hotel SEO

No matter how beautiful and selling your website is, it doesn’t bring you any new reservations if your customer can’t find it online.

The right SEO strategy helps you to get more visibility and users. In a highly competitive market differentiation is very important in finding the right customers for your hotel. Offering everything to everyone is not usually a good choice.

Together we will help you to identify opportunities to pick up the low-hanging fruits and build more visibility for your site in search engines. Our SEO consulting covers the content and the technical consultation.

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