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Direct reservations! We know that they are as valuable as gold to all the hoteliers. We understand that in a highly competitive industry you don’t want to pay commissions as they take the cut of your margin.

There are many ways to get direct reservations but if the talk is about new customers who don’t know your hotel or brand, the key for finding new customers, SEO plays an important role.

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How to get more people to your website?

No matter how beautiful and selling your website is, it doesn’t bring you any new reservations if your customer can’t find it online. In a highly competitive market, the SEO strategy must be well-planned and executed.

We are not going to write here about all the technical details where you should focus but want to tell you that the right strategy helps you to get more visibility and users. In a highly competitive market differentiation is very important in finding the right customers for your hotel. Offering everything to everyone is not usually a good choice. Together we will help you to identify opportunities to pick up the low-hanging fruits and build more visibility for your site in search engines.

Why is SEO so important to your hotel?


The competition for those top SERP spots can be incredibly tough, but when you land it, it can make a significant difference when it comes to growing your brand, increasing business, and beating the competition.

Cost effectiveness

SEO is the cheapest but also the most time-consuming way to get more users to your site. SEO takes a lot of time, but it is far less expensive as there are no additional distribution costs for the conversions that you receive through SEO. The only cost comes from the time invested and time is money. Lower acquisition cost means higher margins and higher profits.

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Higher-quality leads

The people who find your hotel will be more likely to book with you since they were likely specifically searching for what your location has to offer. Once they're on your website, You will have better chances of convincing them that your hotel is their best possible choice.

We help to build the winning concept and get you to good positions with the keywords for you. Let’s arrange a meeting and think together about how we can improve your hotel's SEO.

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