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What should you know about Google Hotels?

First, there was Google search, then Google maps, and Google flights now Google’s hotel search product is aiming to take on other hotel booking sites and disrupt the online travel agency model.  With flights and core search Google is already a travel industry leader. 

Google already has tons of data on hotel prices, travel dates, and guest ratings through its scrapers which is making it incredibly difficult for firms like to compete (especially since Google is a key channel partner). Meet tomorrow’s guests on Google Hotels today!

your website to be a successful and profitable distribution channel.

As Google takes on the OTAs head-to-head, hotels benefit from a significant new distribution channel which (alongside Airbnb) is a major shift in industry dynamics. It’s a game-changer and hoteliers need to understand how Google works to adapt their distribution strategies accordingly. Here’s what you need to know about Google Travel, and what it means for your hotel’s business in the months ahead. Armed with this information, you’ll be more prepared to make your assessment of Google’s impact on your own business.

Where are your Google Ads shown?

The Ads and the free booking links are shown to visitors on Google Search and Maps result pages when the user makes a travel-related search query like hotels in New York or eco-friendly hotels in Finland.

Google Maps

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Google Search

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How do we work with Google Hotel Ads?

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Campaign setup

We will first work with you to set up connectivity between your hotel booking engine and Google’s hotel availability, rate, and inventory feed. The key information we need from you is:

  • Your Monthly Budget (we will give you a suggestion of the budget)
  • Your technical integration partner (If you don’t have one, we can recommend you a few). This can be your booking engine, PMS or Channel Manager.

Bid Management and Campaign Optimisation

We first launch the campaign on a low-risk strategy to collect valuable data. After a few weeks, we will begin to strategically optimize the campaign by bidding more for higher converting audiences or users from different regions just by example.

Our ongoing work also includes:

  • Ensuring price parity (we monitor that no OTA is showing cheaper prices than you have.
  • Adapt budget and bid allocation across different variables such as country, date, room type, etc.
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We will provide you with a monthly report to inform you of how your campaign has performed and outline the strategy for the following month. The report will include the following information:

  • Number of clicks
  • Cost of sale
  • Transactions
  • Conversions
  • ROI / ROAS

The Benefits

With the vast majority of searches taking place on Google, you must appear wherever the OTA’s are to help drive direct bookings. Some benefits of GHA are as follows:

  • Generally higher conversion rates and ROAS compared to traditional PPC.
  • You get the customer data as the reservation will be completed on your site.
  • Chance to upsell.
  • You get the payment sooner than in the OTA model.
  • Lower distribution cost than with reservations from OTA’s.
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