How to get direct reservations to a hotel?​

Getting direct reservations to your hotel is essential for increasing revenue and building a loyal customer base. Here are some strategies to help you secure more direct bookings: Optimize Your Website: Create a user-friendly, responsive website with clear navigation and attractive visuals. Ensure fast page loading speeds and mobile-friendliness. Implement a secure booking engine that […]

Hotel metasearch marketing 2023

Hotel metasearch marketing in 2023 is likely to continue to evolve with the increasing use of technology and data-driven approaches. Here are some trends that could shape hotel metasearch marketing in 2023: Personalization: Hotel metasearch engines will continue leveraging personalisation to provide users with more targeted and relevant hotel recommendations. This could involve using search […]

Why direct bookings are most valuable for hotels

After talking with many hoteliers we always hear the same concern among hoteliers. How to get more direct bookings. Direct bookings are considered to be the most valuable for hotels because of the following reasons: Increased Profitability: When guests book directly with the hotel, the hotel does not have to pay a commission to an […]

Frequently asked questions of hotel metasearch engines

How does hotel metasearch engines work? Hotel metasearch engines work by aggregating and comparing information from multiple travel websites to provide users with a comprehensive view of available hotels and prices. Here’s how it typically works: Crawling: The metasearch engine periodically crawls various travel websites to gather information about hotel prices, availability, and features. Indexing: […]

Hotel Marketing 2023

As we are finally moving to time after Covid-19, the hospitality industry is facing new challenges but also a lot of new opportunities. In this article, we will go through some trends and opportunities for 2023. 1. Taking full advantage of touchless and digital hotel technology With COVID still teasing us and many safety and […]

Apple Maps Hotel Reviews

How can hotels take advantage of this hot new feature? The news came out yesterday that Apple has released a new reviews feature to their ‘Maps’ application, allowing hotels to showcase hard-earned reviews for more than 800 million Apple desktop, mobile or tablet devices. Apple Maps works pretty much the same way as Google Maps […]

Google Free Booking Links – Why should every hotel take advantage of them?

What are free booking links and how can hotels take advantage of them? Last year, Google announced that they are introducing free booking links in Google Hotel Search. Free booking links have the potential to bring a major change to the online distribution landscape and impact the way travelers find and book their stays. It […]

The 7 best hotel metasearch engines in 2023

To help you decide where to list, here’s an overview of the most popular metasearch websites in the hotel industry today. Each metasearch engine has their pros and cons. It’s also important to understand that different metasearch engines have their own market shares geographically. Some small ones can work well locally and some work better […]

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