About us

At Hotel Boosters we are experienced digital marketing experts that have a passion for the hospitality industry. Besides our experience in digital marketing, we also have experience in the hospitality industry as we have experienced small business accommodation entrepreneurs ourselves.

We believe that our experience in the hospitality industry is essential in understanding hoteliers’ and lodging entrepreneurs’ challenges in today’s highly competitive hospitality market. We are based in Finland and have a deep understanding of especially Nordic countries’ hospitality market.

For who are we for?

We provide our services for individual hoteliers as well as chains worldwide. No matter if your hotel is a large five star hotel in the downtown of a big city or a family owned hotel with a few rooms, we can help you to grow your bookings and sales online. We have different service models that can be tailored to your needs.

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Why Hotel Boosters?

We decided to find Hotel Boosters because we realized that there are not too many online marketing agencies that are specialized in the hospitality industry.

After talking with a lot of hoteliers we learned the major challenge for many of them was that their distribution costs were too high and that was eating their profit.

We also understand that the hospitality industry has its very unique characteristics and challenges and that running a successful marketing campaign in the hospitality industry requires special knowledge that can’t be adapted from other industries.

We challenge traditional agencies with our transparent working model. We appreciate your data and we handle it accordingly. We also want to share our knowledge with you as much as possible. We believe that the best outcome is achieved when we work together in close cooperation.

Future of the hospitality industry

Due to Covid, the hospitality business has changed probably faster than ever before in the history of the industry. We believe that crises always open up new opportunities for innovative and brave organizations. We want to help you to survive and grow in this ongoing developing market and to reply to more demanding customer expectations.
We believe that the hotels that are ready to challenge their existing marketing strategies are the ones that will be the winners in tomorrow’s hospitality market.

How we work?

Let’s analyze the current situation

We know that all the hoteliers want to reduce their customer acquisition costs by getting more direct reservations and by not being dependable on OTA’s which is understandable. We believe that metasearch marketing is a good and very underutilised channel for many hotels receiving more direct reservations. Why would you like to pay for a middleman your profits that are earned with hard work? Let’s start getting more direct reservations!


Choosing the right marketing channels

When we want to grow, we need to understand the current situation and what are the problems we are facing right now. Everything usually starts by auditing your current website and finding where you have the easiest ways to pick up the long hanging fruits as finding the opportunities we can easiest help you to grow more sales online.

Result tracking and progression

Improve, measure and report. We know that everything is after all about the results. We don’t force our clients to make long-term contracts with us. If we can’t provide results, we don’t think it’s beneficial for either of us to collaborate. We are focusing on building long-term customer relationships and providing value for our clients on-going. At the beginning of each month, we will provide a report of the actions we have done as well as the results of the last month.

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